Visiting the Norse

Visiting the Norse

Hanging out with Vikings can be a disconcerting experience to a lot of folk. For Viking’s-eye view of the world, see Being Norse. But if you’re just visiting…

Top Five Things To Know

If you want a real picture of what it’s like to live as a Viking, check out Being Norse.

  1. Don’t be a warlock or a tiefling. These people hate oathbreakers, dark magic, and things that seem demonic, and they’ll probably think you’re cursed.
  2. If you’re in a fight with bad guys, and a Norseman tells you to take prisoners, try to take prisoners. Don’t kill the prisoners. They might want to trade them for Norse folk who’ve been enslaved.
  3. Learn to take a joke. They like having insult-fights but don’t let things get too serious or too personal.
  4. If you’re challenged to a holmgang, that’s a duel, but not to the death. Don’t turn it down. Losing isn’t the worst thing that could happen.
  5. Don’t. Piss. Off. A. Bard. They call them skalds.

Viking Attitudes Towards Other Peoples

The Vikings are a pretty accepting sort when it comes to people of other nations and cultures, so long as they’re brave and stand up for themselves. Most folk will be measured and tested, to see if they’re too hot-headed, if they can take a joke, if they’re quick to anger. Appearances aren’t judged so long as they’re not too obviously demonic or draconic; it is behavior that makes or breaks you. The timid can often be passed off as wise. Liars and oathbreakers are despised.

The Vikings don’t care what gods you worship, but they’re pretty proud of theirs and will encourage you to pay respect to them while you’re in their lands. If you start making claims that yours is bigger or better than theirs, you’ll likely get into an insult contest. There’s one exception: the Vikings have no gods of the forge or smithing, so they’ll probably be pretty impressed if you do.

Character Types in the Norselands

If you’re a Warlock of any sort, keep your nature hidden. The Norse despite oathbreakers and especially warlocks. They tend to believe you’re cursed, or worse, and will likely imprison you or try to get the curse out of you (or worse). The same applies to tieflings with any visible signs of devilish or demonic taint.

Other races have it a lot easier. The Norse are well-traveled and have encountered a wide variety of races, and despite odd appearances they don’t quickly judge people by the way they look. That’s not to say you won’t be judged, for the Norse will always judge a man or woman by their bravery and how well they can stand up for themselves, but aside from the above caveat it’s unlikely they’ll jump on you just because of the way you look or how you speak, but anything truly alien (like, say, aliens) will likely be deemed demonically tainted until proven otherwise. Elves are viewed with a mix of awe (if they’ve got Scandinavian or non-Celtic accents) or derision and wariness (if they’ve got Celtic accents) due to the border friction with the Arduenna Silva. Monstrous races are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Non-Local Rules in the Norselands

We accept all rules from the Europa Metaregion in the Norselands. Werewolves and shapeshifters are common myths in Norse beliefs, and while vampires are not, the concept of wights and other things that are neither dead nor living does exist and they’re not necessarily evil.

Other regional rules are handled at DM discretion.

Visiting the Norse

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