Key Themes in Dark Earth

You’ll Know Who And Where You Are

Dark Earth is based on the real world, and you are a Chosen of one of the gods of the many pantheons of gods and spirits of myth and legend. You travel the world via a magical Waystone Network that connects ancient sites—such as the Library of Alexandria, Stonehenge, the Colossus of Rhodes; but the geography of the world is the same as our own. Although Dark Earth’s history is different from our own as a whole, the individual histories of the civilizations you will be playing in are remarkably similar to how they unfolded in our world until they encountered one another.

You’ll Feel Larger Than Life

We don’t just want you to kill the dragon, save the Princess, or defend your country. We want you to save the world, if not the universe, from certain destruction. Whether hero or antihero, you travel a world where your actions have great consequences for all mankind. There’s a reason you have been Chosen, after all.

You Will Know Why You’re Here And Who Your Allies Are

Just about every adventure starts with you being called to a place by your Godsmark and travelling via the Waystone Network (if you don’t already live in the place where the adventure occurs) to meet with other people who you know have also been pulled there by allied gods. There’s not a lot of ambiguity in who to work with (no one says you have to fully trust them, but it’s usually a bad idea to fight with other folks who’ve also been told by allied gods to help out), or where you should be.

You Won’t Really Need To Worry About Wealth

While you may have some adventures that concern themselves with money or magic, you’ll always have at least one item personalized to your style, as the mythical heroes of legend often did, which will grow with you as you level. Other rewards will surely come as your adventures continue, but it will be extremely unlikely that you’ll have to worry about getting more stuff to do what needs to be done.

People Will Know You By Your Deeds

Legends will grow around you. Word of your deeds will spread. Places you have never been before, people you have never met, will know you are a person of power.

You Will Leave A Legacy

When you’re through, whatever happens, you’ll leave a mark. Your name will live on in legends; statues will be built, children will be named after you, and the things you do will be remembered, even if not always as you might have wished.


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