Norse Gods

Norse Gods

The Norse pantheon has always been populated with gods who are very personal to the Norse people. No distant and mysterious beings these, for the most part. The Æsir (who were once two pantheons, Æsir and Vanir, until the Æsir–Vanir War united them) have frequent family conflicts; they adventure; they display many human traits. They carouse and love; they play tricks; they’re fatalistic and they practice magic and care a great deal for their people. That’s not to say they are not truly Gods. They certainly are—and they demand sacrifice from their people; they set great tasks and expect their heroes, and even their commonfolk, to devote and dedicate themselves to the pantheon. Yet they also believe in repaying that dedication with knowledge and care for the people. Odin, the father of the gods, is the patron of knowledge, poetry and runes; Thor is a protector of humanity; Freyja a goddess of love, sex, fertility and birth. They, amongst others, are a contentous but close-knit family.

Many are the sagas told of the gods, and many the sacrifices made to them. Yet the Norse also venerate their ancestors, and spirits of the land, and the family of the gods is large enough to accommodate them as well.

The Æsirsleep

As mentioned in the Norse metaregion main page, the Norse pantheon was ambushed by parties unknown. They are all currently asleep, but decades of prayer by their goði have led to the gods being able to Choose heroes and impart some limited power back to mortals on Midgard, ideally to help protect the people and wake them up.

Norse Afterlife

The Norse afterlife is a complex thing. Warriors are supposed to be plucked from the battlefield upon death by the valkyries, who carry them to Odin’s hall of Valhalla and Freyja’s hall of Sessrúmnir, where they fight and practice for the battle at the end of the world, Ragnarok. Yet others go to Hel’s realm—Hel, which encompasses many concepts: locations of punishment, of happiness and joy, and of a place where souls go awaiting reincarnation.

Yet the fate of the dead is uncertain, now, as valkyries have not been seen for a hundred years and more, since the gods fell asleep.

Recent Prophecies Revealed

As the gods sleep, the goði have spent generations in prayer and sacrifice. Recently, their visions have borne fruit. Only through great deeds and Dedication shall the gods awaken and take those who have died to their proper place, and those who will die in the future to the destinies that await them. It is this which the heroes must achieve, lest the world end in ashes for the Norse people.

The Norse Pantheon

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of the major Norse deities.

The Æsir

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Symbol
Odin NG Wisdom, Leadership, Runecasters Knowledge, War, Arcana odinhorn.jpg
Thor CG Storms, Thunder, Strength Tempest, War, Nature thor.jpg
Freyr NG Virility, Prosperity, Weather Life, Nature freyr.jpg
Freyja NG Love, Sex, Magic Life, Arcana freyja.jpg
Sif CG Earth, Fertility Life, Nature sif.jpg
Frigga N Foreknowledge Knowledge frigga.jpg
Baldr NG Beauty, Day Light, Life baldr.jpg
Týr LG Law, Glory War, Knowledge tyr.jpg
Ullr CG Archery, Skiing, Hunting, Hólmgang Nature, War ullr.jpg
Heimdallr LG Watchfulness, Loyalty Protection heimdall.jpg
Bragi NG Poetry, Skalds Knowledge, Arcana bragi.jpg
Forsetti N Justice, Peacemaking Knowledge, Protection forsetti.jpg
Gefjon CG Luck, Virgins, Plowing Life, Trickery gefjon.jpg
Loki CN Thieves, Earthquakes, Trickery Trickery, Nature loki.jpg
Hel N Death Death, Grave hel.jpg
Njörðr NG Seas and Wind Nature, Tempest njord.jpg

Norse Gods

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