Norse Adjacent Regions

Norse Adjacent Regions

Enemy Territories

Arduenna Silva

The Arduenna Silva, where the border between the feywild and the mortal realm is at its thinnest, is a wilderness filled with all manner of fey creatures and horrors. Unfortunately for the Danes, the forests reach north to just south of their capital, Hedeby, and it is a border that makes them nervous as the Romans have a wall protecting them. The Vikings would very much like to push a land route through this area, or a river route, to reach the Roman Empire, but a detente with the fey there is in place. But how much longer can it last?


Between Hadrianus’ Wall in England and Aberdeen in Scotland, a teeming mass of Picts, evil fey, and the monstrous allies of King Claudus from more than a hundred years ago who fled once that King was deposed have claimed this land for their own. Hemmed in on one side by a wall and on the other by pissed-off Vikings, this is a hotbed of conflict for the Norse settlers in Scotland.


The remnants of the Sarmatian Reich plague the river trade through Garðaríki as it heads from Holmgard through Kiev and from there down to the Black Sea. The land itself is not tamed, and hobgoblins, kobolds, giants, barbarians and other creatures as well as hags and different slavic tribes can be found attacking Viking longships as they ply their way down the rivers to Byzantium.

Europa Metaregion

The Roman Empire

Naval trade with the Romans takes place through Gesoriacum to the west of Denmark, and with Byzantium via the eastern route through Holmsgard, Garðaríki and the Black Sea. Due to the internal disagreements within the Roman Empire, it’s often easier to get certain goods from the longer route through Garðaríki than it is from the western route. The Vikings trade regularly with the Romans, but do not raid them at this time.


A scant few contacts are made between Romanians and Vikings, primarily at the exit from Garðaríki into the Black Sea enroute to Byzantium.

Asia Metaregion


The Vikings don’t get to China itself very easily, but they do meet with Chinese traders in Byzantium and occasionally on the Silk Road near the Caspian Sea.


There is very little contact between Vikings and Siberians.

Other Regions

Ireland – Inactive

Poland – Inactive

Norse Adjacent Regions

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