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Dark Earth Season 4

Join Us To Play…

When We Play: Sign Up To Play!
Where We Play: N&N Adventuring Company!
How We Play: Things to know about how we play.
Who You’ll Play With: How to meet folks and participate in discussions!
Who’ll Run The Game: Biographies of our DMs.
Why We Play: Evolution of the Dark Earth concept.

…Familiar Myths…

The Chosen: The Gods are calling on you to save the world. Are you brave enough to answer?
Pantheons: The mythological pantheons in use in Season 3.
Waystone Network: The ancient network the Chosen use to travel throughout the world.
History: An history of Dark Earth.
Geography: Physical, planar and dimensional geography.

…Woven Together as Unique Stories…

Season 3 Archives: Links to Season 3 Info

Main Page

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