For ages, the Gods and Spirits of the Earth have granted powers to their half-mortal offspring, or selected beings of faith to empower, challenging both to lead their people through heroic acts. Thus they shepherded their peoples to greater heights through these Demi-Gods, these Scions, these Chosen. We have known them by their names: Herakles, Cu Chulainn, Theseus, Baldur, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and The Daughter of Heaven.

During this time, the pantheons maintained a peace among themselves and their people. While in other parts of the multiverse, different gods arose and holy wars were fought, in this version of Earth the major pantheons were always relatively equally balanced and none wished their followers to face off against other peoples, for they did not wish to risk destruction. They also did not wish to lose followers to other gods, and so aside from trade and the occasional diplomacy, the worlds’ civilizations expanded only tended to settle (and occasionally war with) people whose spirits and gods were weak.

Then the dark times came. The gods of Death and Blight banded together to threaten the entire world. The pantheons, so long removed from each other, insular in their ways, were forced together. For the first time in Earth’s History Jupiter sought Odin, Ra sought Quetzalcoatl, Thunderbird sought Morrigan, and Amaterasu sought Mithra. They created a pact, and from it, new Chosen were born into the world and given great gifts, they could recognize each other, understand each other, and now had a way to go anywhere in the world the gods needed them. So began the Waystone Epoch.

Together, each an exemplar of their nations and gods, the Chosen fought back the forces of Death and brought peace. Time and again they would rise to defeat fiends from beyond reality, and put an end to the ancient cults of dark gods and their humanoid servants. Chosen by their own strange gods, the Hoplite fought amongst the Samurai, the Woad-painted assassin ran across the plains with the Apache, the Viking stalked the battlefield with the Centurion of Rome.

But that was a century and a half ago.

It is now 154 WE (Waystone Epoch), though that date is kept only by the Chosen and those who serve them. Your people still thrive with their own ways and dates, believing in the legends of the ancients, the Gods, and the Spirits. Many Chosen from the past are now legends, folktales, or songs sung in the old tongue, while the world persisted in relative peace.

The first generation of Chosen defeated the gods of Death and brought balance to the cycle of life in the world.

The second generation of Chosen fought off multiple assaults from extraplanar fiends, demons, and other beings.

The third generation of Chosen drove off aberrations and monstrosities that few other than the Chosen understood, and won great victories in doing so.

Now, Chaos itself appears to be causing disturbances throughout the world of Dark Earth and beyond…

Updated for Season 4


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