The Geography of Dark Earth

Most of the action of Dark Earth takes place on an alternate version of the Earth we live on in the physical condition it was in around 250 A.D.. The continents are all there; natural resources are all in place; a lot of man-made disasters haven’t happened yet, and pretty much everything else is where you’d expect it.

Yet the civilizations are different. Some have spread farther than they ever did in our reality—the Aztecs control much of Mexico; the Mayans much of South America; the Egyptians have expanded much farther south than they did in reality—and they were not swallowed up by the Roman Empire, which dominates the Mediterranean, Gaul, and Iberia as well as much of northwest Africa. England runs up to Hadrianus’ Wall at the border of Scotland—and was never invaded by Vikings; the Vikings invaded Scotland and have the Picts between them and the England’s wall.

Atlantis is known to exist—and is an underwater city, which is apparently mobile. The First Nations form confederations all over the North American continent. Australia is almost entirely dominated by powerful, magical aboriginal peoples. Japan stands strong on its islands; and China is in its three kingdoms period. The Celts control Ireland, a mist hangs over Romania, Germania has Poland, Iceland is a wasteland and there are many other secrets yet to be revealed.

The Prime Material Plane

Our games don’t just take place on Dark Earth, though. Aliens exist in outer space, but few of Dark Earth’s peoples know of them. Some very few people in Dark Earth have even been to outer space. For the most part, they haven’t really liked what they’ve discovered…

Other Dimensions

There are alternate timelines and dimensions out there as well. Our DMs don’t restrict themselves to anything so mundane as a single world when they have a universe of possibilities to explore!

The Outer Planes

The outer planes are infinite, and one important thing when dealing with so many conflicting mythologies is to remember that one region’s afterlife is not necessarily the same as another’s. Just as Topeka, Kansas; a crater on Mars; and a black hole in the Andromeda galaxy are all in the Prime Material Plane, so too might Asgard and Olympus be on the same plane.


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