The Face of Terror


Fear is temporary. It causes panic and will make the more weaker and less intrepid heroes to flee. But people can be bold in the face of such fear. They can brace themselves and show bravery in the face of fear. Paladins and leaders can bolster themselves and their allies, to make themselves more resilient, or immune to such fear. This works identical to Fear in the core mechanic.


Terror is more insidious. It lingers in the back of your mind and slowly builds and creeps up on you. Even those most fearless and brave of individuals still feel terror. They are just better at staving off and hiding it’s effects.

Terror can be acquired through a variety of means throughout an adventure. It cannot be cured or healed through magic, and the only way to reduce it is through time. Terror does not last forever, but if you are subject to so much terror in a short amount of time it can debilitate you, cause long lasting effects, and may even kill you.

During a short rest you may take time to try and calm yourself down. You may make a charisma check, DC 10+Levels of Terror you have acquired, to reduce your Level of Terror by 1. An ally may assist you with this check if he has less levels of Terror then you. You may only do this once per Long Rest.

Terror is tracked through Levels of Terror, which go from 1 up to 6.



Everyone feels fear, and everyone knows terror, but only the unlucky few have experienced true horror. Horror is something that lingers with you and clings to you for the rest of your life. It is something so unnatural, or so terrifying that it has left a permanent scar on your psyche. People can learn to alleviate horror. They can even learn to live with Horror, but you can never ever truly erase the memory of those things you have experienced. Certain things, even if surface memory has been erased, can never be unseen.

Horror accumulates across adventures and must be kept track of. At the start of your adventure you must make a charisma check (DC 10+Levels of Horror). On a failure you are unable to keep the memories of the horrors you’ve witnessed to your subconscious and they begin to surface. You gain the following effects, depending on your level of horror.

Horror can be reduced with only time. You can spend 10 Downtime days per level of horror you have to reduce the level by 1. You cannot reduce your Level of Horror lower then 3 by this manner. If you have a horror level of 11-14, you can no longer help yourself an an ally must spend the days alongside with you.



Some spells and effects have unique effects when dealing with the effects of Terror and Horror.

Beacon of Hope: This spell will grant advantage on fear saves

Calm Emotions: The spell will temporary alleviate the effects of terror, but as soon as the spell ends you will return to normal

Dominate If you are under the effect of horror or terror, someone may dominate you and assert control over you. This will alleviate any effects of terror for the duration of the domination, but such an act may have an honor loss associated with it.

Protection from Good/Evil: If the fear effect is coming from a creature directly, you may get advantage on the save. However, if it from an ambient terror effect, then you get no bonus.

The Face of Terror

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