S3 Black Forest Visitors

Visiting the Black Forest

The Areas surrounding the Schwarzwald are filled with superstition, magic, and curses. And for those visiting the region, you will quickly find out that the local peasantry is steeped in such superstitions. That being said, the people are generally incredibly welcoming once they realize you are not some kind of witch.

Warlocks are, by law, forbidden in the area. If anyone finds out you are a witch or a warlock you will be ostracized at best, but most likely the Hexenjaeger will be informed of your existence and you shall be hunted down. However, as the peasants are uneducated and have large trust in Mithra and the gods, all any PC has to do is simply pretend they are a wizard and show them their god’s mark. The average peasant cannot tell the difference between kinds of magic. As long as you are not obvious in how you use your magic, you should be able to hide your true self without a problem.

It should also be known that Fey races, such as elves, are looked upon with fear and dread. The people are told stories of evil elves and spirits of the wood stealing children and eating those who venture too far from their homes. Any elven visitors should try their best to keep their heritage secret from the common folk, and especially from the Hexenjaeger.

S3 Black Forest Visitors

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