Runecaster Runes

Runecaster Runes

The Magic of the Runecaster

Runecasters don’t cast spells as other classes do. Instead, they inscribe magical runes on objects—or occasionally, people—which can be activated at a later time to release the magic contained therein.

The Norse assign great importance to the number nine and its multiples: there are nine worlds; there are nine great Linnorms, nine gods are foretold to survive Ragnarok and, most importantly to the runecaster, Odin sacrificed himself to himself by hanging for nine days from Yggdrasil to bring forth the eighteen original runes. As such, there are 9 runes of each level for the Runecaster to choose from. Almost all are based on Cleric spells, with only a few modifications based on the source material. The runes presented here include the runes Odin discovered in the poetic Hávamál translated into D&D terms. Other runes come from the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, and the many Sagas written by the Norse, for which translations from the original sources are provided.

Rune Quick Reference Table

1st Level Runes

Lv Name Spell/Abil Equivalent Class SpLvl RC Only? Source Notes
1 Alerune Detect Poison Cleric 1 N Sigrdrifumol Ingested Poison Only
1 Beastbond Animal Friendship Clr(N) 1 N Grimnismál as spell
1 Beastspeak Speak with Animals Clr(D) 1 N Sigrdrifumol as spell
1 Break Freedom of Movement Cleric 4* N Hávamál 4th Very limited effect
1 Charm Charm Person Clr(T) 1 Y Hávamál 16th as spell, longer setup
1 Help Bless Cleric 1 N Hávamál 1st as spell
1 Holmgang Compelled Duel (PHB224) Pal 1 N Svarfdæla as spell
1 Quench Affect Normal Fires Spec. 1 N Hávamál 7th as old spell
1 Triumph Divine Favor Clr(W) 1 N Sigrdrifumol as spell

2nd Level Runes

Lv Name Spell/Abil Equivalent Class SpLvl RC Only? Source Notes
2 Becalm Dispel Magic Cleric 2 N Hávamál 9th suppresses weather magic
2 Catch Deflect Missiles Monk 3rd* Y Hávamál 5th limited monk abil
2 Cleave Dispel Evil & Good Cleric 5* Y Hávamál 17th break enchantment only
2 Family Warding Bond Cleric 2 N Hávamál 18th as spell
2 Fetter Hold Person Cleric 2 Y Hávamál 3rd as spell, doesn’t scale
2 Leechcraft Prayer of Healing Cleric 2 N Hávamál 2nd as spell
2 Peace Calm Emotions Cleric 2 Y Hávamál 8th as spell
2 Prowess Magic Weapon Clr(W) 2 N Hávamál 15th as spell, modified
2 Rally Aid Cleric 2 Y Hávamál 11th as spell

3rd Level Runes

Lv Name Spell/Abil Equivalent Class SpLvl RC Only? Source Notes
3 Aesirpower Crusader’s Mantle (PHB230) Clr(W) 3 Y Hávamál 15th as spell
3 Allspeech Tongues Cleric 3 Y Sigrdrifumol as spell
3 Deathwalk Animate Dead Cleric 3 Y Hávamál 12th as spell, minor changes
3 Einherjar Conjure Animals Druid 3 Y Prose Edda 1 berserker MM344
3 Feast Create Food & Water Cleric 3 N Prose Edda as spell, mead intoxicates
3 Gallowspeech Speak with Dead Cleric 3 Y Hávamál 12th as spell
3 Runeward Glyph of Warding Cleric 3 Y Bjorketorp as spell
3 Turn Dispel Magic + dmg Cleric 3 Y Hávamál 6th Modified DIspel Magic
3 Vitality Aura of Vitality (PHB 216) Pal 3 N Merseburg as spell

4th Level Runes

Lv Name Spell/Abil Equivalent Class SpLvl RC Only? Source Notes
4 Bewilder Confusion Clr(K) 4 Sp Hávamál 10th as spell vs. casters only
4 Curse Bestow Curse Cleric 4 N Saga of Grettir as spell
4 Gallows Banishment Cleric 4 Y Hávamál as spell, limited
4 Kenning Divination Cleric 4 Y Hávamál 14th as spell
4 Live Death Ward Cleric 4 Y Hávamál 13th as spell
4 Odinstep Dimension Door Clr(T) 4 Y Ynglinga Saga as spell
4 Odinwise Thought Shield (PHB 110) WlkGO 10th* Y Hávamál 15th As Warlock Great Old 10th
4 Stoneshape Stone Shape Cleric 4 Y Ynglinga Saga as spell
4 Transform Polymorph Clr(T) 4 Y Ynglinga Saga Self only, keep mental

Runestone Cards

For ease of use, a set of Runecaster Rune Cards has been created so you can prepare them at the table and hand them to allies as needed. You should print them double-sided on cardstock, and they will fit into standard card sleeves.


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Runecaster Runes

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