Denmark Season 3 Updates

Denmark Season 3 Updates

Here you will find the story of Season 3…

D1: Hanging Tree: Hedeby, Denmark

h4: D2: Hunger: Uppsala, Sweden

_Scribe: Halfdan (David B.) _

Several Chosen from other lands (Jin (Will), Dietrich (Larry), Thoromir (Ethan) were summoned to Hedeby to travel to a blot to escort a contingent of Norsemen from Hedeby (Bishop (Cameron), Halfdan (David), Vanjyr (Slater) which was to be held in Uppsala. They traveled in 9 long ships carrying supplies and people. The 5-day trip was marked with storms and troll attacks. Many of the longships were lost, yet great battles were fought and trolls were killed, and the men got to know one another. They brought much-needed supplies to Uppsala.

On the first day, Thoramir inquired and received a horse from the very appreciative townsfolk. Jin, with his strange clothes and exotic eyes, intrigued all the Norsemen and women. Disturbed by the attention he climbed up a tree and hid.

Bishop, Halfdan and Vanjyr, followed by Deitrich visited the great temple of the gods, Odin, Freyja and Thor. The high priestess Astyr sacrificed a goat and splashed blood on them. She stated that the gods will return and that Halfdan will stop them surrendering, Vanjyr will stop their madness and Bishop will stop their grief.

On the second day, 81 Norseman were hung from trees and stabbed with spears. For 9 days they were left hanging. As delirium set in, a few of the hanging men were Chosen: Bishop, Halfdan and Vanjyr. They were besieged with the images of a worm carried to the base of Yggdrasil, spitting acid; the gods being stabbed; dragons fighting dragons; giants fighting giants; and a red and green tide coating the Norse Lands. Over the 9 days, the spears pierced into the chosen fused to the tree and after nine days only the 3 Chosen where still alive. In the spot the spears fused in the tree, wonderous items were found.

The trolls have taken Sigtuna south of Uppsala, separating the trading route to Hedeby. To help the beleagured citizens of Uppsala, the heroes planned to remove the trolls from Sigtuna. Along the way, a group of trolls attempted to ambush the heroes. Vanjyr, with his keen senses, saw through the trolls’ plan and alerted the group. After knocking out 3 trolls the remaining 4 grabbed the unconscious Dietrich and disengaged. Rather than continuing the fight, the trolls bartered Dietrich’s life for the 3 knocked out trolls and withdrawing from the area for a month.

After reaching Sigtuna, Deitrich, Vanjyr and Jin snuck into the town to reconnoiter. They learned that he trolls were not mistreating the humans left behind. Cornering a guy taking a piss they learned that later in the day, 2 trolls will be taking some of the humans out to collect wood for the night. We easily overpowered and tied up the 2 trolls.

We headed back to the town to confront the remaining trolls. Before engaging in combat with the remaining trolls, Vanjyr dedicated the battle to Loki. Then we entered the room and Dietrich challenged a troll to a duel. If Dietrich loses, one of the Trolls captured is returned. If Ditrich wins, the troll who lost become a hostage of the heroes. Dietrich quickly dispatched the first troll. The leader gave Dietrich a healing potion and had another troll challenge him. After dropping a second troll, the troll chieftain agreed to leave the city for a month, but asked the human teacher to come with them as a negotiator for any future dealings with the humans…

h4: D3: The Stone: Inverness, Scotland

Denmark Season 3 Updates

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