Danish Cast

Danish/Swedish/Scottish Cast

Player Characters

Nöðenin (Kordian Starczyk)

Human Danish Swordsman with a Strange Black Blade

Uhtred, Son of Uhtred, Father of Uhtred (Roger Portela)

Human Danish Sword and Shield Warrior

Uhtred, Son of Uhtred (Rob Cahayla)

Human Danish Axeman

Denmark NPCs

Skorri Stonewarder

Human Goði, Elder of Hedeby

Skorri is a man with graying hair and a rugged face. His left eye is covered by a patch, but his right eye is a piercing bright blue. He walks with a staff carved with runes, and any exposed surface of his skin has healed-over scars of various runes he has carved into it at some point or another. He wears thick cloaks made of animal furs but finely stitched.

Swedish NPCs

None yet encountered.

Scottish NPCs

None yet encountered.

Danish Cast

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