Black Forest Races

Races of the Black Forest

Though the area is primarily human, there are some other magical races that exist deep within the woods of the Schwarzwald. Here is a list of all available native races to the region.


The most common and the most populous race in the area. The humans here make up the government of the area and most of the settlements.


Living deep inside the mountains and underground of the forest, dwarves are experts in medicine, mining, and metallurgy. They typically stay away from human settlements, and lack much community as they are generally isolated in very small groups. They typically do not go out of their way to speak with humans, and try to avoid contact at all costs, but if you treat them well they can be a kind, and loyal people.


Gnomes live within the forest itself. They live in the trees, in burrows, and in small glens. They are a playful and mischievous group of people, who enjoy playing tricks on humans if they can. They try to avoid being seen as much as possible, for they find it easier to play their tricks. However, there are instances when gnomes go out into the world of humans, usually out of curioisty or if they have lost a bet or a gamble.

(PC Note: The only available gnome subrace is the Forest Gnome)


Sometimes, children are born with the blessings, or the curse, of Drachenblut. They have been marked and chosen by the dragon. Though not entirely covered in scales, they typically tend to have scales around parts of their body, especially where their God’s Mark is. They may have more dragon like features, such as slitted eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and dark black hair. Some may even have a tail, it seems to vary from person to person. But the one constant is their increased strength and their ability to spew acid or poison from their mouths.

(PC Note: You may only take the Black or Green options in terms of Draconic Ancestry)

Black Forest Races

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