Outer Space

In the early days of the Waystone Epoch, Chosen foiled the plot of an Aztec vampire king to summon an Outer God to the Earth. Its severed limbs scattered across the world, tearing through the sky with a vicious glow. Over the following years, a number of ominous meteor showers and comets bombarded the land, bringing with them visions of madness and corruption to prophets across the world. Wherever they landed, they brought with them strange and dangerous changes, altering the wildlife into aberrant forms. Right now these changes are minimal; some animals and local monstrosities are growing slightly larger in areas near meteor landing sights, and some of the plant life is taking odd coloration. Most concerning, however, is the general lethargy that seems to blanket the regions around the landing sites.

According to the divinations of sages across the world, these meteors carried an alien taint to the Earth, one that is building up in the very ley lines that the Waystones operate on, and will one day attract bizarre and alien creatures to the material plane. This taint was unable to be purged by even the world’s finest healers and druids, and not even the greatest of wizards were able to understand the taint. Countless sages were consulted, but no Earthly deities had answers, and attempts to contact other planes shorted out unexpectedly when questions were asked about the source or if a means to stop the taint existed. Thankfully, it would take many years, well over a century, for the taint to build up to a truly dangerous level, so the great minds of the world set about a great undertaking that would hopefully lead them to a way to save the Earth: take to the stars and find the source.

But how in the name of the Gods could they get there?

h4. Region At A Glance

Base of Operations Geofront, Bandon, Ireland
Ruler Director Erledon Marcotte, Vice Director Tom O’Morrow
Language Primarily Elvish, Dwarvish & Gaelic, but many languages are spoken due to the many cultures contributing
Population 30% Elf, 20% Human, 20% Dwarf, 2% Half-Elf, 1% Tiefling, Trace: Jubilian, Warforged
Pantheon N/A
Known Waystones Blarney Stone – Blarney, County Cork
Major Threats Aberrations, Monstrosities, Bureaucracy
DM Larry Soracco

Bandon, Ireland

In the former capital of Munster County, the Logician Factol Erledon Marcotte was assisting the Chosen Tom O’Morrow, one of the Chosen that helped defeat the former Archedevil Bel and end the infernal ambitions of Queen Medb, on a personal project to send people to space. During the Great Irish Civil War, the Chosen encountered a being known as Radá. While it takes the innocent form of a cat, Radá is in truth an alien being who has been creating warlocks out of impressionable children well before even recorded history for questionable purposes. While Radá’s aid was instrumental in halting the death of many of the Tuatha and taking down Bel, Tom could not stand by allowing the abuse of children to continue, and had been working with the Logicians to find the cat’s home world and end its threat.

Until the discovery of the aberrant taint, however, this project had a great deal of trouble getting off the ground, so to speak. With a new, worldwide urgency to find the origin of the corruption however, Marcotte and O’Morrow’s efforts became the groundwork for the Stellar Operations and Logistics Task Force. With the aid of sages and scientists from across the globe, progress came quickly and the mission was scheduled for December of 24 W.E.

Joining SOL

Important Note: Characters who intend to participate in the first adventure are from many decades earlier than the beginning of Season 3 in other regions. If you join later, this does not have to be the case, but if you want your character to have been a member of the original SOL this is perfectly doable.

Characters homed in the Outer Space region have in one way or another joined SOL, either as a full member, mercenary, or consultant. This can happen in many ways. Secret societies and hermitages across the world were made aware of its existence, existing Chosen may have learned of the mission from their factions, or promising recruits may have been scouted out by SOL personally.

Roles in SOL are varied. Mechanists and and mages are often recruited to work on the vessels that are meant to take Chosen to the stars and the technologies and spells meant to protect them from the dangers they might meet among the stars. Priests and healers are welcomed as the mission is expected to be dangerous and the blessings of the gods are more than welcome to protect the members of SOL. For the same reasons, warriors and mercenaries are recruited to serve as guards and members of the ground teams.

How your character is Chosen is up to you. Your character may be Chosen by a deity from their geographical home region if that deity is available for taking Chosen. If you want to play a character that originates from a region that is being currently run, you might want to talk to the DM in charge of that region. If you want to play a character that originates from a region not being run, just let me know what and we’ll work something out. Deities that are tied to celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, Stars, or the Earth itself are most appropriate, as well as deities from pantheons that originate from the stars like many Native American deities or the Annunaki.

If you’re interested in playing as a Chosen of a nontypical variety, I’ve also got an option that is tied into the plot that you can ask me about.

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