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Since the beginning of human awareness, those in touch with the Earth have known it has the spirits of life running through it. Many have been the civilizations and villains who have attempted to tap these energies, yet none have ever truly succeeded, at least not for long. What is known is this: the web of life that sustains the Earth is powerful; it has made the world a target for threats both within and without; its nature is unpredictable and while it might occasionally allow itself to be used by the Chosen or directed by the Gods, it just as often acts of its own accord.

While individual civilizations and beings had their theories about these ley lines and the Waystones that are their physical manifestations, it has only been a hundred years since the appearance and proliferation of Chosen facilitated information exchange between the most learned members of these cultures. In the past hundred years, only some progress has been made in unravelling their secrets.

First, the veins of Earth’s energy form a web of life energy that surrounds and encompasses the Earth. It does not extend beyond the planet, or into other planes.

Second, at various points along this web, energy has concentrated in various physical locations at the surface of the world known as Waystones. These Waystones can be used for travel by those with the ability to do so—Gods, or their Chosen to whom they have given the Key, or those empowered by the land itself or its spirits.

Third, it is unknown what, if anything, makes a Waystone become a Waystone. Some believe it is faith, some belief, some hope, some the actions of the Gods. It is certain that Waystones have risen, and fallen, throughout history. Whatever it is that causes a surface structure to become a Waystone, it is almost certainly caused by belief, or engenders belief in its power. This is evident in the fact that, when one travels via the Waystone Network, a suite of sensations usually associated with the destination is experienced by the traveller.

Fourth, in some locations, should the Gods or the Earth itself wish it, the dead that the gods Choose can return to life at a Waystone. This happened often during the early years of the Waystone Epoch, but according to records, once the threat from the gods of the dead was dealt with, the frequency of this happening has declined. What will happen should the Chosen return remains to be seen.

Lastly, the Gods can call the Chosen to a Waystone via their Godsmarks, giving them an unmistakable pull towards the nearest Waystone which, when they are touched, delivers the Chosen along the Waystone Network to the destination the God desires. However—and this is important—occasionally, there is no specific God behind this call. Sometimes, it seems, the Waystone Network guides its travellers of its own accord.

Known Waystones of Dark Earth


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