Scheduling: Get Your Game On

Please sign up with your name, and what time slots you can be there, via the following link as early as possible:

Season 4 Signup Spreadsheet Link

Our scheduling philosophy works like this:

1. We wanted a campaign suited for folks with modern, busy schedules. Our games are scheduled to take 5 hours, from 12PM-5PM and 6PM-11PM on Sundays. Each game is an episode in a larger story, but catching up is relatively easy, because…

2. We wanted to decouple character advancement from attendance. Characters advance in level, and their signature magic items advance with them, at a fixed rate. If you miss several sessions, you’ll be at the same level and have similar gear to the rest of the players. There are obviously benefits that are gained in play, but missing out on them won’t leave you too far behind.

3. It should be easy to join at any point in the campaign. Players can join at any level but for those who would prefer a startup story or to start their characters earlier, “fast-track” advancement will be available in special mods run between tiers that will catch people up.

4. We didn’t want to have folks be forced once more to start all their characters at first level, as many players have done this countless times. Dark Earth as a campaign starts at 5th level (although many of our DMs run “preludes” that take place before that time for those who enjoy low-level play), so characters have some background and powers before they get started.

5. We wanted to make sure characters got the full experience. Our campaigns go from 5th to 20th level, and they do so over the course of 1 1/2 to 2 years.


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