S3 Pantheons

Dark Earth Pantheons

Dark Earth is built on the idea that the mythological tales of the civilizations we are portraying in our fantasy world are all true, all at the same time.

Although the Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, Hindu, Chinese, Buddhist, Mithraist, Slavic, Native American, Japanese, and other faiths all reached their mythological and cultural peaks at different times in our world, in the world of Dark Earth, they are presumed to all have risen roughly contemporaneously with one another. Characters in Dark Earth come from cultures that were guided and guarded by these manifest deities, who led their civilizations to greatness at the same time, so that they all exist on a world where they’re at their strongest.

We very specifically avoided portraying the Judeo-Christian-Islamist faiths in order to not offend those who practice those faiths. Furthermore, in the event that our portrayals of other faiths are lacking in accuracy, we sincerely apologize.

Season 3 Pantheons

In Season 3, your characters are Chosen by gods from the following faiths:

Asia Metaregion:
China: Chinese Gods
India: Indian Gods
Siberia: Siberian Gods

Europa Metaregion:
Black Forest: Black Forest Gods and Spirits
Romanian Gods: Romanian Gods and Spirits
Roman Empire: Roman Gods, and Bast from the Egyptian Pantheon

Norse Metaregion:
Norse Gods

English Gods
Seven Seas Gods
Aliens Gods
Celtic Gods (Some Aliens players may follow these Gods)

While we greatly prefer you to follow a god from a mythological pantheon currently run by an active regional DM, if you would like to play a character from a different mythology, let the Community Organizer, Scott, know. We’ll see if we can fit you in!

S3 Pantheons

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