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Core Concepts

Background: A brief overview of the world of Dark Earth, its history and setting.
The Chosen: Also called the Godsmarked. The heroes of Dark Earth (that’s you!)
Waystones: The devices that carry the Godsmarked through the world.
Pantheons: The gods of Earth’s mythology as they appear in the game world.
Organized Play: How we organize games and groups, and a bit about the organizers.
History: An history of Dark Earth.
Regions: The geography of Dark Earth.
Frontiers: Uncivilized regions, mysterious places and exotic danger await!
Threats: An overview of the general threats in the world.

Dark Earth Season 2

Season Two Overview

Primary Civilizations

Game Mechanics

Characters in Dark Earth: How to build a character or transfer an existing AL character.
Treasure and Adventure Rewards: What you can expect from the modules we run.
Dungeon Mastering: What you get for DMing, and how to be one.
House Rules: Rules changes, variations, suggestions and clarifications from the books.

DM Guides and Resources

Season 1 Archives

These are the pages we created for Season 1, reading through them may give you a glimpse as to what has gone before…

Umbra: The coalition of dark gods attempting to take over the world.
Season 1 Factions: The organizations that have sprung up to coordinate the Chosen from different pantheons to work together against the Umbra.

S2 Main

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