Regional DM: Rob Ross

If you are reading this, than I have failed. It appears I must have slept for too long. If you are reading this, then I was too weak. Perhaps I shall be able to return one day. But perhaps not. Now you must carry on my work. For if you do not, then everything you know and care about shall perish, falling into oblivion.

This is a story as old as time itself. A great struggle between parties. I used to be like you once. Chosen by the gods they said. Perhaps. But such a position was would not last. A great fiend whose name I have since forgotten, lost to the eons of time. Young and Reckless I fought but I was not enough. I reached out for anything that could help. The gods had abandoned me, but I was not alone. A voice in the darkness called out. It offered a way to cheat death. To slay my enemy. Everything I wanted in a single whisper. So I accepted. I was reborn into something beyond Life and Beyond Death. And I hungered.

Only one thing slaked my thirst. Blood. And my strength grew. A thousand souls consumed in the first month. No one moved to stop me. No one could. The fiend returned. Before my newfound power, it was but an ant. Crushed in an instant. For centuries I ruled without resistance. Then a child sought power beyond her station. She struck a deal with some fiendish master. She craved my power, but she was a pale imitation. Our war raged across the land. But then I heard it. That same voice calling to me. And I listened. Something was coming and it would take both our combined strengths. So a bargain was made with this self-appointed Blood Queen. We began to alter the waystones. Locking our lands. It was at this time that I devised a plan. We would need an army for what was to come but for those of her bloodline, they were slaves to the Tyranny of the Sun. With our combined power we created a ritual that would free them. Allow them to fight at the strongest at all times. But this ritual had a cost. It weakened me greatly, and it was in that moment I was betrayed. I was sealed away
Centuries I waited. My memory a distant legend to the people that worshiped me as their protector. Celebrated me as their king. It faded away into the mists of time. But slowly my power began to return. My thoughts could still reach out to willing minds. As my myth grew so did my power. I came to her in a dream. The fear the would-be Queen felt was delicious. She received no respite. So she grew desperate, like I knew she would. I called my few remaining servants. The prepared a ritual of my own design. It had no power, but it had an illusion of it. That was all I needed.

The Blood Queen called and the waystones were opened. The magic released when she opened the stones was all it took. I sealed much away in the waystones. It came flooding back to me. And I was free. But I needed the suspicion of these Chosen. It would tell me who my enemies were.

Morana. Goddess of Magic, Death, and Rebirth. She had found a way to intervene. Likely at the behest of my enemy. She sought to open our lands to regain her power. But she got more than bargained for. It will come. And now I must fight this thing. From before the gods were born. If are reading this then all I have managed to do is buy time. Perhaps someone can pick up where I failed. You must slay this thing from before time should it surface again. May whatever you hold dear protect you. Everything dies. Even a god.

Romania At A Glance

Capital Tirgoviste – Romania
Ruler Grand Duchess Vladmira II
Language Turk, Latin
Population 75% Human, 15% Elven (Slaves, Servants), 5% Dhampir, 5% Other
Pantheon Roman & Slavic Cults, some worship Blood Queen/No-Life King
Known Waystones Location – Significance
Major Threats Werewolves, Undead
Regional DM Rob Ross

Important Locations and People of Romania

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