Regions and Metaregions

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Regions and Metaregions

Season 3 Dark Earth introduces a new concept to the way we run our games: Metaregions.

As we have in past seasons of Dark Earth, our DMs will be running their own unique content. However, our DMs have made different commitments to how long each of their seasons will be and how many modules will be in each season. As well, some DMs have collaborated to write stories within a single geographical region, or a tell a single tale across several regions. Additionally, some DMs with their own seperate stories have agreed to include elements linking those tales.

We’re also introducing some new DMs to the mix this season and in order to ease them into things, we’ve worked them into other people’s regions. With all of this being the case, we’ve created the concept of ‘Metaregions’ to represent those groups of regions, broken down by general geographic areas, to encompass areas with similar rules, themes, and occasionally storylines.

Playing a character in a metaregion doesn’t mean you’re restricted only to adventures within that region, but it does mean that you’ll find similar elements in regions that fall within that metaregion. Europa features a deliciously dark theme than most this season; China a more mystical one; and the Norse a more high-adventure one. That’s not to say you won’t find elements of all things within each—but those are the general “feels” that the DMs have gone for.

“Independant” regions are not to be scorned, either. The Seven Seas offers something wholly outside the usual Dark Earth fare, set in an alternate dimension revolving around a history not tied to the Dark Earth history—one based on an alternate dimensional world in which the world of 18th century Carribbean privateers and pirates is brought to life, mixed with magic and mayhem, where Dark Earth characters might venture.

The Aliens track examines outer space from a Dark Earth perspective—how do aliens interact with the world of Dark Earth, and how are alien abductees treated in outer space when they can cast spells?

Regions and Metaregions

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