Regional Rules

Regional Rules

Every DM has different preferences for what they’d like at their table. The way we handle house rules at our tables is as follows:

  • Everyone abides by the Universal House Rules and systems as defined in the above links.
  • Regions that have different House Rules spell them out in their Regional Rules pages.
  • Some metaregions share rules or have shared systems amongst their regions; these are called “Metaregion Special Rules”.
  • Some regions (and metaregions) have “Trade Pacts” with others; this means that certs you have with a Regional and a Universal version use the Regional version when at a table where such a pact is in effect.

You don’t really need to keep track of any of this—just ask the DM at the table if you have any questions, or check the Regional Rules section of their wiki for the details.

Regional Rules Index

list of all regions with special rules that differ from universal rules

Metaregion Special Rules

The three Metaregions of the game are regions which have shared rules and systems between them which usually reflect themes unique to their areas, such as a Rage/Innocence/Humanity mechanic in Europa and the Valor/Dedication mechanic in the Norse metaregion. Additionally, some metaregions (and regions!) have agreed to adopt/recognize the regional rules of other regions.

Asia Special Rules: Shared between China, India and Siberia.
Europa Special Rules: Shared between Black Forest, Romania, Roman Empire, and Norse metaregion.
Norse Special Rules: Shared between Denmark/Sweden/Scotland, Finland/Russia, Norway/Greenland and Europa metaregion.

Regional Rules

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