First and most important: You don’t have to feel limited by the choices here. If you don’t see a god you’re interested in, let the DMs know and we’ll figure out how to work them in. Detailing all the pantheons and gods is a large and ongoing project, and it will take some time.

Second: We are not (at this time) using any of the monotheistic, modern-day religions. Frankly, it’s hard to maintain belief in a religion that only recognizes the existence of one god when there’s clear and unambiguous evidence that there’s a whole whackload of them out there.

The list of gods below is based on the list on p, 297-299 of the PHB, but contains some additions and subtractions. The first god listed is considered the head of the pantheon.

Celtic Pantheon

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
The Daghdha CG Weather & Crops Nature, Trickery Cornucopia Bubbling Cauldron
Belenus NG Sun & Warmth Light Primal Order Solar Disk & standing Stones
Brigit NG Rivers & Livestock Life Cornucopia Footbridge
Diancecht LG Medicine & Healing Life Logicians Crossed Oak & Mistletoe Branches
Dunatis N Mountains & Peaks Nature Primal Order Red Sun-Capped Mountain Peak
Goibhniu NG Smiths & Healing Knowledge, Life Logicians Giant Mallet over Sword
Lugh CN Arts, Travel & Commerce Knowledge, Life Fortuna Pair of Long Hands
Manannan mac Lir LN Oceans & Sea Creatures Nature, Tempest Primal Order Wave of White Water on Green
Math Mathonwy NE Magic Knowledge Witnesses Staff
Nuada N War & Warriors War Strategos Silver Hand on Black Background
Oberon CG Fey War, Nature, Tempest Primal Order Full Moon
Oghma NG Speech & Writing Knowledge Logicians Unfurled Scroll
Silvanus N Nature & Forests Nature Cornucopia Summer Oak Tree
Titania CG Fey Light, Nature, Trickery Primal Order Crescent Moon

Greco-Roman Pantheon

Godddess/God Greek Name Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
Jupiter Zeus N Sky, Storms, Nobility Tempest Primal Order Fist w/Lightning Bolts
Juno Hera CN Marriage & Intrigue Trickery Strategos & Umbra Fan of Peacock Feathers
Neptune Poseidon CN Seas & Earthquakes Tempest Primal Order Trident
Ceres Demeter NG Agriculture Life Cornucopia Mare’s Head
Minerva Athena LG Wisdom, Civilization Knowledge, War Logicians & Strategos Owl
Apollo Apollo CG Light, Music, Healing Knowledge, Life, Light Primal Order Lyre
Diana Artemis NG Hunting, Childbirth Life, Nature Cornucopia Bow & Arrow
Mars Ares CE War War Strategos & Umbra Spear
Venus Aphrodite CG Love, Beauty Light Witnesses Sea Shelll
Vulcan Hephaestus NG Smithing & Craft Knowledge Logicians Hammer & Anvil
Mercury Hermes CG Travel & Commerce Trickery Fortuna Caduceus
Vesta Hestia NG Home & Family Life Cornucopia Hearth
Pluto Hades LN Death and the Underworld Death Strategos & Umbra Black Ram

Egyptian Pantheon (Those Reaching Outside Domed Egypt)

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
Amun-Ra LG Sun & Rulership Life, Light Primal Order Ram-Headed Sphinx
Bast CG Cats & Protection Nature, War Witnesses Lion, Cat
Heka N Magic Tempest, Life Logicians Twist of Flax
Isis NG Fertility & Magic Knowledge, Life Cornucopia Ankh & Star
Ma’at LG Harmony, Justice, Truth Knowledge, War Strategos Ostrich Feather, Ankh
Ptah, Shaper of Ways LN Travel, Creation, Thought & Craft Knowledge Logicians Djed Pillar
Sekhmet LG War & Healing Life, War Strategos Lion
Thoth Al Knowledge & Wisdom Knowledge Logicians Ibis

Norse Pantheon

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
Odin NG Wisdom and Leadership Knowledge, War Logicians Watching Blue Eye
Aegir NE Sea and Storms Tempest Umbra Rough Ocean Waves
Baldur NG Beauty and Poetry Light, Life Witnesses Gem Encrusted Silver Chalice
Bragi NG Poetry and Music Knowledge Logicians Harp
Forsetti N Justice and Law Light Strategos Head of a Bearded Man
Frey NG Fertility and the Sun Life, Light Cornucopia Ice Blue Greatsword
Freya NG Fertility and Love Life Cornucopia Falcon
Frigga N Birth and Fertility Life, Light Cornucopia Cat
Heimdall LG Watchfulness and Loyalty Light, War Strategos Curling Musical Horn
Hel NE Death Death Umbra Woman’s Face Rotting on One Side
Hermod CN Luck Trickery Fortuna Winged Scroll
Idun CG Youth and Spring Nature Cornucopia Apples
Loki CE Thieves and Trickery Trickery, Nature Umbra Flame
Magni and Modi CG Strength and Berserk War Strategos Mountain, Sword, and Hammer Crossed
Njord NG Seas and Wind Nature, Tempest Primal Order Gold Coin
The Norns N Fate Fortuna Staff with Three Branches
Odur CG Light and the Sun Light Primal Order Solar Disk
Sif CG War War Strategos Upraised Sword
Skadi N Nature Nature Primal Order Mountain Peak
Surtur LE Fire Giants, War War Umbra Flaming Sword
Thor CG Storms and Thunder Tempest Strategos Hammer
Thrym CE Frost Giants, War War Umbra White Double Headed Axe
Tyr LN Knowledge, Justice, War Knowledge, War Strategos Sword
Uller CN Hunting and Winter Nature Cornucopia Longbow

First Chiefdoms Pantheon

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
God Al Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol

Kami (Japanese) Pantheon

Godddess/God Alignment Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol
God Al Portfolio Domains Faction Symbol


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