The Norse Metaregion

Our people were great, once. We had wise kings, brave warriors, holy goði and prosperous lives. Even when the Jötunn came and attacked our people; we fought as Vikings should and held them off. When things grew too dark—when the valkyries would not take our men to Valhalla, and even Helheim’s gates were closed—our kings called to the gods for aid.

And they answered, and made heroes. First and greatest among them were our own. Anna, valkyrie-blood, Chosen of Freyja, kindness and grace incarnate. Dahek, the Revenant of the Bridge, the Jarl who stood fast against our enemies. Brynjar Einarsson, skald, who fought to save his family. Yet more than that—others heroes came, allies of our gods. Tyriom, who bested the jötunn kings of fire and mountain alongside Kev, who, though small of stature, became one of us as no outsider had before him, raising a family as a true Norseman.

Then Níðhǫggr was taken, and imprisoned in Isaland. Dark forces would use it to threaten to rip the world apart. Great heroes stopped this, but with his dying breath, our last high Goði recieved a vision: our gods, while shielding the rest of the Norse lands from Isaland’s poison, were betrayed. Struck from ambush by svefnthorns, they fell into a deep sleep.

The winters became worse. Our grandfathers’ fathers died cold and hungry. Many families starved, and others fled, to Scotland, to Grænland, to Finland, even deep into Garðaríki, but no matter how great the journey or how high the runestones they raised, the gods did not answer. Our women and children froze and starved, and year after year, our sacrifices went unanswered.

Now the giants come, and the trolls, breaking pacts reached a century ago with the heroes of legend. Their tribes grow strong as ours have starved and shattered. With no more kings to lead us, their petty lords take our lands and our people as slaves. Linnorm, once so rare, roam the land—some small, like Variss of legend, mostly with ill tidings. Still worse, large ones, leaving ruins where entire villages once stood. In the north of Finland, the Linnorm say, something is growing, rising, but they know not what.

For five generations we have prayed, and died, each goði taking up the task from the one before to call for the aid of our gods. At last, a vision has come. Only through great deeds of valor and heroism will we wake the gods. They will Choose the living, with what meager power they have remaining, if only we make one more great sacrifice. It will be up to these Chosen heroes to save our people. The rest of us can only pray that Jörmungandr does not swallow us all before they succeed…

A Guide to the Norse

Denmark, Sweden, Scotland: DM: Scott Roberts
Finland and Rus: Finland and Gardariki (a.k.a. Rus/Russia) DM: Andrea Jenner
Norway, Greenland: Associate DMs: Peter Simone, Ryan Goldsmith

Being Norse: Being a Viking
Visiting the Norse: Visiting Norse Lands
The Norse Pantheon: Gods of the Norse
Heroism: Dedication and Valor: How Heroism Works Amongst the Norse
Season Updates: Norse S3 Plots

Making a Norse Character
New Fighter Archetype: Runecaster
House Rules for All Norse Regions: Shared Rules in Norse Regions

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