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Dark Earth Season 4 Starts in June!

Join Us To Play…

When We Play: Sign Up To Play!
Where We Play: N&N Adventuring Company!
How We Play: Things to know about how we play.
Who You’ll Play With: How to meet folks and participate in discussions!
Who’ll Run The Game: Biographies of our DMs.
Why We Play: Evolution of the Dark Earth concept.

…Familiar Myths…

The Chosen: The Gods are calling on you to save the world. Are you brave enough to answer?
Pantheons: The mythological pantheons in use in Season 3.
Waystone Network: The ancient network the Chosen use to travel throughout the world.
History: An history of Dark Earth.
Geography: Physical, planar and dimensional geography.

…Woven Together as Unique Stories…

S3 Stuff!

Pantheons: The mythological pantheons in use in Season 3.

Asia Metaregion Metaregion DM: Slater Boyle
Europa Metaregion Metaregion DM: William Morgenthien
The Norse Metaregion Metaregion DM: Scott Roberts
Independent Regions

…Using Streamlined Systems.

Legacy System: Thor’s Hammer, Achilles’ Spear, and your character’s legendary item(s) that grows with them.
Milestone System: Gaining XP is a thing of the past!
Wealth System: Treasure abundant may be your motive, but wealth is measure by reputation, fame and gratitude as much as gems, and heroes may not even need to carry chests of gold with them to obtain what they require.
Heroism: It is not only the deeds you perform, but the manner in which you perform them that shape the world around you.
Consumables System: How to get potions and stuff.
Inspiration: Mortal and Divine Inspiration can be had from great deeds while adventuring.
Downtime: Unique uses for downtime in Dark Earth.
S3 Universal Character Creation: Creating characters in Dark Earth.
Regional Rules: A quick index to just the special rules pages of all regions.

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