Dragons have plagued the north for decades, and in the past…. much longer. The mountainous range named the Himalayas has now become the kingdom of Dara-Tonash, which means “_Dragon’s Rock_” in their native tongue. Dara-Tonash is almost like looking at a swarm of ants crawling on a hill. There isn’t many places where you don’t see a dragon’s body. There is one place that only a few dragons roam. Daar Jiek (Da•R j•ēk), or “_The Crown of Kings_” which is the formerly named Mount Everest scarcely has more than 10 dragons expanding the whole mountain. Stories are told of “*Dara-Daar*” the king of dragons and his might, making the other dragons fear him. Dara-Daar has kept his dragons from razing the country and they seem to keep to themselves only killing those who dare tread their territory without permission. As of late the dragons have been bolder, taking excursions and attacking villages. Heroes have stepped up and tried to fight but none have had any success. Even the previous royal family (the Pandava) have perished fighting this scourge. As a result, The Indian Kingdoms have all become a coalition to defeat the dragon threat, aptly named in their language. “Ithquent Caex”, or the “Swords of Gods” is a combined effort of the 4 middle Kingdoms.

The first kingdom, Pandurana, is the remainder of the last unified kingdom of India and the kingdom of the Pandava. The second kingdom, Banasurad, wants to bring about the former glory of India before the Rakshasa devastated the country and will go to any means to achieve this. The third Kingdom, Kaurata, is a very totalitarian society in which everyone blindly follows their king (known only as King Kaurata). The king is law, the king is life. The fourth is the buddhist kingdom of Shu that expands across a portion of western China bleeding past the mountainous border. This kingdom has been created by a group separated from the rest of their kind. Together, the four kingdoms hope to become a strong enough alliance to defeat the dragon Kingdom. Otherwise India has become a land of wealth, though this wealth is not necessarily in gold there are many precious gems and stones found in the country, spices found only in this part of the world along with those found in other areas. There are legends that Mount Everest holds vast wealth inside of it but no one dares to tread across dragon territory. India is a land of wealth and fortune if you can save it.

Region At A Glance

Capital Guna, Area
Ruler Suman Pandurana, Paarth Bansurad, King Kaurata, Shu Lao
Language Sanskrit
Population 80% Human, 20% Others
Pantheon Indian Pantheon
Known Waystones Main Waystone – Place
Waystone – Place
Waystone – Place
Major Threats Dragons
DM Julian Cabrera

The Legend of Buddha

Since before the current time there has been a wanderer, a peaceful Half-elf who brings tidings and teachings of a better way to live life. A more enlightened approach. This man taught the ways of Buddhism and was given the name Buddha by the people. Though Buddhism has existed for a very long time it’s resurgence is only very recent.

In India legends tell of nature spirits who not only protect nature but the balance of the fabric of India itself.

The Capitals of the New Kingdoms

The new capital of India after the southern migration was named Guna, a word that cannot be translated directly but in concept means that every being has 3 absolute attributes and each is a Guna. The first Guna is Sattva which is goodness and harmony. The second Guna is Rajas which represents passion, activity and confusion. The third Guna is Tamas, which is comprised of darkness, destruction and chaos. The concept of Guna has become essential to each of the the six schools of thought in India, this will be touched on later.

The city of Guna is not a very large city but it is expanding due to its new importance and increase in population due to refugees.
It’s city streets are filled heavily with stalls of vendors giving various wares and trade goods. In Guna, many of the trade goods are ores; gold, copper, iron, zinc-lead, and Bauxite (aluminum ore) as well as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds and other resources including coal and natural gas reserves.

The Dragons

This past year the dragons have been getting bolder, especially the young, hotheaded ones. The dragons have pushed the Indian societies south. The old capital, New Delhi has fallen and the people have retreated from the northern kingdoms to seek refuge towards central and southern Indian kingdoms.


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