Heroism System

Heroism is a new stat tracked on all adventure certificates in Dark Earth Season Three. It is a representation, much like your core ability scores, of how truly heroic a character is. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 40. Every character starts with a Heroism score of 20.

Heroism Score Heroism Modifier
0−3 −5
4−7 −4
8−11 −3
12−15 −2
16−19 −1
20−23 0
24−27 +1
28−31 +2
32−35 +3
36−39 +4
40 +5

At the end of every module, you will receive either a −1 (if you performed predominantly selfish acts), a 0, or a +1 (if you performed predominantly selfless acts) to your Heroism during the session. Note this is separate from doing your job—you don’t get Heroism merely for killing the monster or saving the village that you were directed to save, your Heroism adjusted by your individual actions in dealing with the world and the other characters and non-player characters around you.

Note: In no case should a feat, class feature, spell, favor, inspiration, or item modify a Heroism test.

Europa – Humanity and Rage

The chosen of Europa must regularly deal with their bestial natures, whether that be of vampiric or lycanthropic origin. Heroism in Europa reflects the total Humanity of the character and is used when the character is under stress to determine if they uncontrollably change, or worse, frenzy into mindless killing machines. This is called a Rage Check. For more information, see the Europa Rules page.

Norse – Dedication and Valor

Characters from the Norselands have a culture that places the worship of their gods into all aspects of their daily life. Heroism in the Norselands is used to Dedicate battles to the gods, as acts of courage and sacrifice. Additionally when the Valkyrie come to collect the fallen, their Heroism is a factor in what they can do for their comrades from Valhalla. For more information, see the Norse Heroism page.

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