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metaregion europa

In the century since the end of the Daemon Wars ravaged the lands around the Mare Internum Nostrum, much has changed. Tensions in the Eastern Roman Empire have led to the lands of the Pontus Exunus to become more independent of Rome. Roxolanii et Moesia (Romania) struggles with the legacy of the powerful vampires that rose to rule. *Colchis, so devestated by the Sarmatian Goblins, remains little more than scattered villages around the blood stained ruins of their cities. To the north, the humanoids who resisted the Sarmatians in Tanais have forged their own independent kingdom, Bospori, where they trade in lumber and fish across the Black Sea.

Recently, trade and communication has been restored to the Island Kingdoms of Briton off the coats of Gallia. At one time in centuries past, a Roman colony had existed on the islands around a castrum known as Londinium. However, the fey wars and logistical strain of keeping the colony active at the end of Emepror Hadrian’s reign forced the legions and most Romans to withdraw. In the age that followed, much of the island was lost to local traders due to impenetrable fog surrounding it. Now that it is cleared, the merchants of Aquitain and Burdigalla have re-established ties to the kingdoms of Briton.

The island nations of Cyprus, Sicilia, Sardinia, and Corsica operate trade fleets across the great sea, protected by the watchful eyes of the Roman Navy. But the Roman Classis does not see all, as Cypriot and Corsican raiders often take ships that range too far from the watchful Quadriemes. Crete, the birthplace of the the Gods, has entered a formal alliance with the coastal kingdom of Cyrenica in Africa. Their red-sailed ships bearing the symbol of the Minotaur are often seen sailing the triangle of Certyn to Alexandria to Cyrene and back.

The continental provinces prosper as pressure from the Sidhe beyond the wall has lessened. Aided by an ever-expanding network of roads and aqueducts, more and more villages in the provinces are growing into towns and cities, pushing for more land to become farms and pastures. However, not all is booming. In the depths of Germania Superior, a region the locals call Schvarzwald ages upon ages of superstition cause fell creatures, once only seen in the wood of the fey, to stalk the land.


But not all is prosperity in Europa. Forces within and without strain the region’s resources, armies, and political will. The provinces of Rome grow more independent. The Southern Empire, on the coast of Africa is both culturally and racially an anathema to the heart of Italia. Enemies on the borders, bolstered by continued oppression of non-humans within Europa, threaten the stability of the border, which can only be answered with the oppressive might of Rome’s Legions. As ever, the forces of Democracy toil beneath the yoke of absolute authority of the Emperor. Factionalism within the great cities is a subtle dance of sharp wits and sharper knives no less deadly than the frontiers.


The remnant of the Sarmatian Hobgoblins still pressures the Eastern Empire. While not the formidable legions that preyed upon the Black Sea, Cappadocia, Syria, and Judea, the Hobgoblin discipline and skill is still responsible for much violence along the borders. They may be stripped of their allies, their airships, and their portals, but the victims of sacked cities and towns that burn in their wake would not be able to notice the difference.

The Horde

Left to run across the deserts of Arabia and Africa when their Sarmatian allies abandoned them, the Gnoll Warlords fiercely cut their own bandit kingdoms in the wastes. Aided by their sorcereses, the Death Magi, the brutal gnolls have grown numerous as they have dragged disparate bands of hardy humanoids into their control. They are a pressure on Africa Proconsularis and Aegyptus, blunted only by Legion steel.

The Fiends

While little presence of the Daemons that once attempted to sunder the continent can be found, the ruins of their handiwork remain. The great Daedric Chains that once ascended into blood portals in the sky are scattered throughout the continent, laying their insidious corruption regardless of border. Their direct servants, the S’Ona (Red Hags) continue to be seen on the darkened shores and wilderness of the region. None know if they are organized enough to summon their extradimensional masters.

Things best left Unseen

All throughout the region, in cities, towns, hamlets, and Castrul, things stalk in the night. Sharp fangs, long claws, leathery wings, all flicker in the moonlight. To live in the cities is to know fear, hoping that bolted shutters can stand between your candles and the dark. Rumors fly that men who take the shapes of beasts, or those that drink the blood of the living, fight with? against? even darker horrors when the sun sets.

metaregion europa

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Europa, comprising the lands between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caucasus and Ural Mountains, surrounding the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and bordered by the Sahara to the South, Arabia to the East, the barbarian and fey lands to the North, and the British Isles to the West.

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Europa Metaregion

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