Consumables System

Consumables System

In running two seasons of Dark Earth, we went through two different systems of allowing consumbales (potions, oils, scrolls) into the campaign. Each with varying degrees of success. The first system was an open market and that resulted in many characters having vast storehouses of disposable magic. The second iteration limited these purchases to once-per-mod, but bolstered it with crafting. Both prior seasons resulted in far too much bookkeeping. This new Consumables system is meant to be simple, streamlined, and easier to track.

Consumable Points as Reward

Consumables Points are tracked on your Adventure Certificate and can be spent to purchase one or more scrolls, potions, or oils, that may be available in the region the adventure takes place in. The cost of a particular consumable is directly related to its rarity. To make a purchase of these items, simply ask the table DM if a particular consumable item is available from local contacts – typically Faction contact, temples, wizard colleges, sages, etc. If the item is available, the DM will let you know the cost in Consumable Points of the item. Simply note the purchase on your Adventure Certificate, subtract the points, and you’re done. At least most of the time.

Item Rarity Cost in CP
Common 1
Uncommon 2
Rare 4
Very Rare 6
Legendary 10

Note: Potions of Healing and Antitoxin are Common magical potions, however they can be purchased in the Player’s Handbook as standard equipment and do not cost Consumables Points.

Adventure Complications

Sometimes, adventures take place in terrible places and there just isn’t an opportunity to pick up supplies. Other times, a trade embargo, or blight on a particular herb or run on rare minerals may prevent easy access to potions and scrolls. Your table DM may occasionally increase the rarity of some items (thus raising their cost) or require a simple or costly Wealth test in order to obtain the particular item. Be aware of this and talk to your table DM before you assume any consumable is readily available.

Healing Potions

Healing potions occupy a position in Dark Earth’s economy that few other trade goods enjoy. While of use to even the lowliest peasant, they are incredibly valuable to heroes, regardless of their origin, skills, or past experience. As a table DM, you should be comfortable making a certain number of these potions available using just simple Wealth tests. These potions often make the difference between some players having to sit out a fight instead of participating.

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Consumables System

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