The Chosen

The Chosen—that’s you—are those who, for one reason or another, have been selected by the Gods to serve them on Earth. It’s up to you to decide why you were chosen, or you can leave it up to the DM. Some are born from the bloodlines of the gods, like Hercules. While others have been bestowed their power for a purpose. But the gods are not always clear in their designs, your character may have inscrutable omens to follow, or be left too little more than their own faith to guide them.

Powers of the Chosen

Being a Chosen has several benefits. The power of the gods varies from region to region, and with that power, chosen may have different powers and abilities, like the shape-shifting powers of Roman Chosen, or the Vampiric heritage of the Romanians, or the Valor of the Norse. Regardless of their origin, all chosen bear a sign of their divine power, the Godsmark. While you can conceal it from the normal people of the world if you wish, when you display it it lets folks know you’re a hero, chosen by the gods. Even in a culture not your own, the common folk will recognize that there’s a spark of the divine about you and (for the most part) will believe you a hero, there to help them. Through that Godsmark, all chosen gain the same three primary abilities: The Cipher, The Sense, and The Key.

The Cipher

The Godsmark you bear marks you as a hero, but its most useful ability is that it lets you speak and understand (but not read) all civilized tongues. So while you can understand Latin, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Sioux, Inca, Slavic, Sylvan, and Cartagia (though their math might still be confusing), the guttural speech of humanoids, who do not revere the gods, is lost to you. This also holds true for the fiendish powers and the elementals.

The Sense

The power of the Godsmark is unmistakable, and much like a Paladin’s Divine Sense, you can use the power to sense other nearby chosen. In a world where, as heroes, you may be entirely unfamiliar with the next location you find yourself, the Godsmark is a way to identify other heroes on the same journey. It allows you to detect other Chosen who are nearby even if they are concealing their Godsmarks from view. Though there are magical ways to prevent that.

The Key

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Godsmark is your key to the Waystone Network, which links places of power throughout the world. When your services as a hero are required, your Godsmark may signal you in some way—or, more often recently, an agent of the factions and embassies in Alexandria, the Chosen City.—will draw you to the nearest Waystone. When you touch the Waystone, you will travel to where you are needed.

In the past, it was said that the Chosen, upon their deaths, would be brought back to life at the nearest Waystone…but this is no longer true.

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