Character Creation

Character Creation Rules

The first thing you need to know is: this process looks a lot harder than it actually is. There are a whole lot of options, it’s true, but they are there so that we can help you realize whatever character your imagination can come up with. Just about any Dark Earth player will be glad to help you make your character. What follows below is a guide primarily directed at people who are interested in using options not available in the Player’s Handbook and the other published books that Wizards provides; they’re alternative options that some folks enjoy using.


In Dark Earth, you can use the Player’s Handbook, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and the Elemental Evil Player’s Guide to build your characters. We use the Multiclassing and Feats optional rules and all characters are built via point buy. Races may not exist in all regions—check the Races page for more information.

The following are the Original, Third Party and Unearthed Arcana (UA) content available in our game. We urge you to try our original stuff—much of it has flavor tied into our stories! Talk to the regional folks in the links (some, like the Elements paladin, are universal) to play ’em! (For the UA links, though there may be other items in the files linked below, only the items named below and in the filenames are legal in DE play).

Entries marked with a * have been modified from their originals, or have special notes on how they might or might not work in DE. See notes below.

Race Options:

Dhampir: Unlikely Heroes, DE: Romania: Dhampir *
Bastet: DE Rome: Bastet
Lycans: DE Rome: Lycan
Changeling, Shifter, Warforged, Revenant: UA Link*

New Class Options:
New Feats:

Regarding Unearthed Arcana Content

Because the Unearthed Arcana (the files with a %UA after them in the links above) material that Wizards puts out is poorly organized, and some of it in some files has been revised multiple times, these files are set up to show you what’s legal in Dark Earth by the name of the file. In short: if you don’t see it in the filename, even if it is in the document, it isn’t legal in Dark Earth. If you see “%DE Modified”, we’ve changed something or removed something or altered something. A summary of that is below.

Stuff Not Used in Dark Earth

  • Artificer Wizard school (deprecated by base class) and Artificer Class (incompatible as written, to reduce proliferation of items). However, there is room for a custom alchemically-related class, speak to a DM if a custom class along these lines is something you feel you need to play!
  • Mystics (broken)
  • Paladin: Oath of Treachery, Oath of Redemption (nonthematic, broken)
  • Ranger: Spell-Less Ranger (deprecated by revised base class)
  • Warlock: Hexblade (everyone is already bound to a powerful magic item) & Raven Queen (doesn’t exist in DE). If you’d like a custom class option exploring a shadowy god or a tie to your weapon, speak to your DM; but neither of these are the choice for that.
  • Druid: We are not using the optional rule, “Wild Shape Forms”. (nonthematic)
  • Fighting Style: Close Quarters Shooter (broken)
  • Prestige Class: Rune Scribe (see Runecaster).
  • Race: Minotaur, Abyssal Tiefling Variant (nonexistant)
  • Demon Summoning spells (nonthematic)
  • Dragonmarks & associated feats (nonthematic)
  • Modern Magic (nonthematic)

Altered from Original/Notes

  • Feat: Fell Handed (Can only make targets 1 size category larger than you prone.)
  • Revised Ranger: Add “Favored Terrain” choices in from PHB ranger; apply Natural Explorer bonuses to only function within that terrain.
  • Wizard: The Lore wizard may only change energy type of spells Int mod times per long rest, min 1/day.
  • The Infestation and Puppet spells cannot cause suicidal movement.
  • Warforged: Currently, the only valid known source for Warforged on Dark Earth are the Atlanteans. However, you can talk to regional DMs to see what they can work out with you; just know that Eberron Warforged can’t be found here in the traditional sense.
  • Dhampir is modified from the original (it is not, however, Unearthed Arcana, but third-party content).
  • Oath of Conquest paladins don’t really fit well into our Theme, but if you can convince a DM one might fit, you might play one. However, consider that it may well result in more PvP than you or the other people in the game might want to deal with (see: Code of Conduct.)

All third party content is used under the terms of the Open Gaming License and is © the original owners and all Unearthed Arcana content is © Wizards of the Coast. See DE OGL for details.

Character Creation

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