Dark Earth

DE-A12 The Royal Wedding
Raise or Raze: Part V - Tier 2 Capstone

The royal wedding between Princess Valaria Hadrianus, heir to family title of Baetica and Lord Marsalos Valerius Corvus, Protector of Seville, is set. The preparations are all made and the celebrations are beginning. Nobles and Chosen from across the land are invited to join in the festivities. A grand party with all these nobles and Chosen in attendance – what could possibly go wrong?

DE-A11.1 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Raise or Raze: Plot Point Mod 2
DE-A11.3 Birth of the Lizard Queen
Raise or Raze: Plot Point Mod 4

Summoned by Tolivar and Seria, the Chosen arrive in Baelo Claudia to continue to unravel the mystery of the Atlantean heirs using the Emerald Tablets. The Chosen ride the Tides of Chaos to try and unravel the mystery and continue their search on whether to Raise or Raze Atlantis!

DE-A11.2 The Emeral Tablet of Atlantis
Raise or Raze: Plot Point Mod 3

Now that the magic of the Emerald Tablet of Atlantis has been unlocked, deciphering its secrets has proven to be more than just reading the tablet. The Chosen have been tasked with unlocking its power and interpreting its contents. The tides of Chaos will lead them down this dangerous path into the unchartered waters of Unal, the island remnants of what Atlantis left behind.

DE-A11.4 Weekend at Babylon's
Raise or Raze: Plot Point Mod 4

The Chosen are taken back to Babylon where they learn a little more about Hephaestion, the Lich King. The problem is that sometimes what you know can and will be used against you.

DE-A11 The Magic Conch
Raise or Raze: Plot Point Mod 1

Attempting to learn the background of the Kings of Atlantis and the babies born to Althamea, the Chosen set off to the library of Alexandria. What they find there is a mystery to the Chosen, and the tides of Chaos that drive reality.

DE-A9 One Hundred Hands to Atlantis
Raise or Raze: Part IV

The sounds of the forge bring the Chosen back to the Lake of Vivienne. Here they find Tyriom forging his own workshop. He speaks to them of another Atlantean escapee, the Lady Seria Azaesian, the keeper of the Library of Atlantis. With her may lie the knowledge the Chosen need to make their way to the Heavens and retrieve the weapon of Neptune. Now, will she be willing to part with her knowledge?

DE-A10 Echoes of Truth
Raise or Raze: Part V

What led to the fall of Atlantis? How are the lines of Atlantean Nobility chosen? What’s the secret behind Valaria’s and Althamea’s adoption to King Cadizio? What were the people of Atlantis like? Can they be trusted to rule the city without threat to the Earth? How is the Umbra involved?

The answers are all there if you know how to listen …

DE-A8 The Butterfly Effect
Raise or Raze: Part III

The Chosen have brought back with them Tollamaria Vivienne, but she’s not been well since her arrival. She begins speaking in strange sentences, puzzling riddles and what seems like non-sensical statements. Little do they know that she speaks of them and the fate that awaits them.

DE-A7 Glimpses
Raise or Raze: Part II

To retrieve a lost Ship of Atlantis, the Chosen arrive at a strange, yet vaguely familiar place. What they encounter is a glimpse of themselves, their lives and creates more questions. Stick around and learn something – all you have is time.


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