Dark Earth

DE-A8 The Butterfly Effect
Raise or Raze: Part III

The Chosen have brought back with them Tollamaria Vivienne, but she’s not been well since her arrival. She begins speaking in strange sentences, puzzling riddles and what seems like non-sensical statements. Little do they know that she speaks of them and the fate that awaits them.

DE-A7 Glimpses
Raise or Raze: Part II

To retrieve a lost Ship of Atlantis, the Chosen arrive at a strange, yet vaguely familiar place. What they encounter is a glimpse of themselves, their lives and creates more questions. Stick around and learn something – all you have is time.

DE-A6 A Chosen Always Pays Their Debts
Raise or Raze: Part I

There’s unfinished business in Babylon and the Chosen must make their way back to the city of the undead. Previously, the Chosen were sent to retrieve artifacts of Alexander the Great. At the behest of the Lich Hephaestion the Chosen have made a deal, and now it’s time to repay some debts.

DE-J7: Upon a Gardeon of Frozen Tears

One Slot: Levels 11-15

Short Description: The chosen find themselves not in Kyoto, but in the frozen peaks of Mt Shirouma. Chasing after the legends of a yuki-onna they find themselves seemingly transported back in time to an age before land was unified, in order to witness, or stop, the tragic death of a princess.

DE-E3: Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

One Slot, Levels 5-10

Short Description: The trail of disappearing priests has led to a cave system on the outskirts of the desert, where signs of the serpentfolk Yuan-Ti—ancient enemies of the Egyptians, suspected to be agents of the Chaos Serpent Apep, are spotted. Will the Chosen find the evidence they need within?

DE-J6: Bakemonogatari
A tale of Shapechangers

Two slots, levels 5-10

Short Description: The chosen arrive in Kyoto a month before the New Year’s matsuri, but all things are not as festive as they should. Tsukihi continues to have dreams of ill portent, this time involving the New Year’s matsuri. The factions fear that whatever evil has been behind the recent events is going to try something. And worse yet, the Daughter of Heaven has made an announcement that she will publicly attend the festival. Can the chosen root out the evil and the plot before they get a chance to assassinate the Empress? And can they do all this without causing the people, and the reigning Shogun, to delve into panic?

DE-J5: Web of Deceit

One slot, level 5-10

Short description: Tormented by dark dreams and visions of the future, the young priestess Tsukihi asks the chosen for aid. Can the chosen get to the village of Ogimachi in time and stop whatever evil it is that Tsukihi has had visions of?

DE-J4: Return to Yamamori

One slot, level 5-10

Short description: Though cleared of the yokai, all things are not well in the town of Yamamori. Rumors of ill omen still hang over the town and the shrine to Suzaku is still tainted with the foul blood of the Oni and cannot be consecrated. A monk asks for the Chosen’s aid in cleaning the tainted land.

DE-J3: Trail of Blood

One slot, levels 5-10

Short description: The chosen return to Kyoto and are told of a series of ghastly murders. Someone is hunting down samurai in the city of Kyoto and panic is beginning to spread throughout the city Can the chosen discover the murderer and stop him, or it, before it is too late?

DE-J2: Raid on Yamamori

One Slot: Levels 5-10

Short Description: The Chosen arrive in Kyoto and learn that the mountain village of Yamamori is under siege by an army of Yokai, led by a powerful oni. With the backing of Strategos, the Chosen must venture with march to the village and clear it of evil.


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