Valaria Hadrianus

Princess of Baelo Claudia, Third cousin to Emperor Hadrian, Storm Sorceress


Born into the highest ranks of nobility in the Roman Empire, her great aunt was mother to Emperor Hadrian, making him her 3rd cousin. Her magical prowess manifested itself at a very young age.

When she was 13 while on a hunting expedition with her father, Imperial Senator and anointed King of Baelo Claudia, a Roman Municipa, she and her sister, Althamea, were lured into the woods by a Hag. Althamea was captured and never seen again. Valaria was rescued by her father’s guards, an elite unit of Werebears.

She has always born the mark of the Chosen, but it has only recently manifested itself into a true god’s mark. Her inherent power over the storms is a lingering sorcerous trait that speaks to her lineage, however cloudy it may be.

Valaria Hadrianus

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