Tyriom Atlasion

Aasimar Paladin of Posei*** _____, Descendant of the First Atlantean Noble House


After a violent storm, Tyriom was found in the pool within the temple of Athena in Rome. He had no memory of his prior life. His only possession being his sword, Myranos, which speaks to him in hushed mumbles and called him by his name. The priests of the temple recognized him as a celestial-type being, but no other information was able to be divined about his background or his purpose.

In the days following his arrival, he showed prowess in weaponry, healing, blacksmith skills and inherent spell-casting. It became quickly apparent that he was a Paladin in service of the gods.

Since then, several Chosen of the Gods have encountered others that look like Tyriom in Baelo Claudia. They are of Atlantean descent, and suspect Tyriom is, too. Though they were not able to provide any details into why he has appeared, or why he has no memory of his prior life. Tyriom recently acquired a Mariner’s Armor, which he was immediately drawn to. It holds a special meaning to him, yet he does not yet understand why. But now some light has been shined on his wiped memory. He serves Poseidon – or at least he thinks he does.

Tyriom is now plagued by nightmares of large, hellish armies descending on the coasts of the Earth, bringing with them death, plague, torture and chaos. He has not yet shared these visions with his fellow Chosen, as he’s not sure whether they’re prophecies, hidden memories, or just the beginning of madness.

Tyriom Atlasion

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