Lady Heiwa of Otsu

Samurai of the Chrysanthemum Throne.


Lady Heiwa walks in silence, and though appearing cold, those who serve her house describe her passing as warmth and hope. The small creatures of the great orchard of Otsu no longer are seen as vermin, as they flock to her side when she appears. The petals and snowflakes that swirl in her wake are as ethereal as her footsteps, both leaving no trace as she goes among her retainers. Her white hair is striking, but not nearly as much as the glittering sapphires of her eyes.


Lady Aife of Otsu, as her last act, freed the spirit of a long tortured Onna from the clutches of the Kami of Hatred. Even as struck down, she forgave the Demon Onigumo whose attack killed her. Her death was not in vain as the Kami of Mount Fuji, Konohana-Sakuya-Hime purified a place for her body to rest from the depths of a lake corrupted by Yomi. Lord Kyrian, loyal friend to Lady Aife brought her body to the lake and was nearly consumed in the maelstrom.

From the lake, a small island and cherry blossom tree sprang, and upon the island, wearing the Yuki-no-Kimono of Lady Aife was a person no Chosen had seen before. This white haired Nihonjin stood, brushed herself off, stared at the Chosen across the lake, then vanished into the tree.

When next she was seen by anyone living, the gate guard of the HowaitotsurÄ« Jinja, Shrine of the Primal Order in Otsu, was startled as she appeared. She spoke, “Hisato, Watashi wa ima, watashi wa Heiwadaga, watashi wa mada anata no shujinda, hoka no darekadeshita.” Casually she touched the jewel on her neck, the Heart of Yamato. “Watashi wa umarekawatte imasu.” In response, he bowed deeply before his master and let her enter.

What, if any, memory of the former Chosen, Aife, Lady Heiwa has is yet to be seen.

Lady Heiwa of Otsu

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