Althamea Hadrianus

Princess of Baelo Claudia, Third cousin to Emperor Hadrian


When she was 13 while on a hunting expedition with her father, Imperial Senator and anointed King of Baelo Claudia, a Roman Municipa, she and her twin sister, Valaria, were lured into the woods by a Hag. Althamea was captured and never seen again until the events of DE-A1, The Awakening.

In DE-A5, Lost No More, Althamea was rescued from clutches of the Umbra. She was whisked away to Japan by Aife, where she has spent her time in solitude reflecting on the horrors of her captivity over the past 5+ years. The broken sister has refused to speak, barely eats and her sleep is tortured with nightmares.

After her recovery in the south of the British Isle, Althamea took part in the events of Atlantis. Heartbroken, she moved to Londinium with her remaining child, the Aasimar, Uthern. There she married its former governor, Marcus Pendragon. She was a strong Governess to the lands, erecting Hadrianus’ Wall separating England from Scotland.


Althamea Hadrianus

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