Aife Scathach (Deceased)

Exiled Kell with a hatred of Rome.


Aife is a wiry, rust haired celt with sharp blue eyes that don’t ever quite shine right. Something in them, even beyond the pitiless gaze usually found there, is not part of this world. Though clearly a Celt, she is often less comfortable around them than she is with foreigners. She is hawkish in her mannerisms, and careful to notice everything around her, that sort of practiced unease of a life spent running.

As uncomfortable as she may be among her own people, that is nothing compared to the outright contempt she holds for the scions of Rome. Whatever personal wrong the expansion of the Empire has caused her, it has obviously cut deep. She treats Romans as if they were not people, and is as likely to slit their throats as ignore them. When she does, it is with the same lack of concern as dressing a deer.


Aife was a Changeling. As an infant, she was placed in the cradle of a stolen child. Unluckily enough for her, the child escaped her prison in the Feywild and returned home at the age of eight. Aife, found out by her village, and branded by the Druid of her valley, barely managed to flee to the Great Wood, Foraoise na Cruatain, what the Romans call the Arduenna Silva.

There she was taken in by the Aos Sí elders. There she was taught the power of her heritage and how to commune with the Great Queen Titania. She was taught the way of the slim sword and the fast hand. At the great scar in the land, where the Roman Emperor Hadrian had burned the wood and built a wall, she was shown the extent to which man was a blight on the Earth. As if her exile from kin and kith had not done it already.

When she came of age, she left the protection of the Great Wood so she could make her mark against the machinations of the race that made her a pariah. As Titania’s loyal vessel, she took her place among the heroes of the Factions, but their war against the Umbra is but stage upon which she exacted her vengeance on Rome and mankind.

After spending most of her time in the Empire of the Rising Sun, she rose to high standing as a Samurai of the Chrysanthemum Throne. There she became attuned to the spirits and monsters of the place and saw in their travails a mirror of her battles with Titania. At the celebration of the Lunar New Year, she saw a way where not only the Samurai, but also the Yokai of the island could work to a common good. It was then she started down the path that would lead to her death. Choosing to embrace compassion was the hardest path for this once-divine assassin. After discovering the ancient jewel Tamashi no Hoseki the path was both clearer and more difficult. With her new insight, she healed people, monsters, and Kami alike, offering kindness to even her deadliest enemy. At the last she died defended a sacrifice to Izanami, taking the corrupting bolt meant for the tortured onna. Even dying, she asked her comrades to spare the demon who had killed her.

Aife Scathach (Deceased)

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