Dark Earth


For Queen and Country / Just Seen a Face

Group 1
For Queen and Country

  • Lancelot, Tristran, Lamorak, Stark and others set off to Bamburgh Castle to meet with Queen Ann, and ask for her assistance in defending Hantonne Keep from Claudas
  • Lancelot has vivid dreams with Queen Ann and someone that is referred to as Morgana, a horned woman.
  • On their journey, they came across a small chapel with a pyre outside of it
  • Two Chosen were brought and they entered the chapel
  • The surrounding area of the chapel was full of crows
  • Inside the chapel, they note the following:
    • The chapel has a pentagram etched on the floor
    • It has small sconces that resemble the outside pyre along the edge
  • They ignite the fire as Lancelot notices the moon through an opening in the roof. It is the Winter Solstice and they light aligns with the moon
  • They are sent on a vision back in time
  • The chapel retreats in time but the stone and etching of the pentagram remain
  • They see the familiar horned woman kneeling before a cloaked figure. His jeweled/ringed hand on her head.
  • He snaps her to the side and harpies come and attack from the trees as the cloaked figure leaves in a puff of smoke
  • The Chosen are able to fight back the harpies and heal the horned woman
  • When she awakens, more harpies come and attack
  • She almost seems to notice the Chosen, but as if only in passing
  • The horned woman seems to stop time, inspect the harpies, and casts a spell which restarts time and turns all the harpies to crows
  • The Chosen continue to their visit to Queen Ann
  • They meet Queen Ann, inform her of many things, and argue among themselves … a lot
  • At dinner later they meet three children of Ann: Gareth, Isolde and Gawain (female). Her eldest son, Prince Mordred is leading her forces to the south
  • Prince Gareth challenges Lancelot to a joust
  • Queen Ann agrees to send 500 troops and 50,000 GP
  • Lancelot loses the joust
  • Tristran pulls his bow; he is subdued and spends the night in jail where he hooks up with Isolde who had been giving him the eye all night
  • Lancelot has en emo moment and takes off to the woods
  • The Chosen follow him, convince him to go back home with them and notice they are being followed on the way back home
  • They are confronted and attacked by a group of seemingly confused individuals who do not know why they are following them, but know to release a crow when they find “the boy”
  • Lamorak releases the crow and shadow demons attack; they dispatch them and the group of follower
  • They make it back home

Group 2
Just Seen a Face

  • The Chosen were dispatched to:
    • Find the group that’s been causing trouble for Claudas, and
    • Meet with King Gogfran Gawr in Tintagel
  • On the way they noticed they were being followed by Perceval
  • Perceval ran away from home to follow the chosen
  • They were ambushed by a group of shadow demons
  • During the fight, Perceval attacked a shadow demon and light erupted from his sword; much to Perceval’s surprise
  • After dispatching the shadow demons, they found the bandit camp and followed them to Tintagel (how convenient)
  • At Tintagel they met with King Gogfran, except for Silversheen, who waited outside in the form of a horse
  • The chosen managed to negotiate with King Gogfran 3,000 men (no gold)
  • Silversheen while in horse form outside noticed someone climbing the wall towards the 2nd floor of the castle tower
  • When he actiavted his Chosen primeval awareness the figure climbing the wall pinged as one
  • Silversheen transformed back into dragon form and whistled to the person
  • Having been startled and rolling a 1 on his atletics check, the person fell
  • He managed to run away and Silversheen gave chase
  • The chosen inside her the kerfuffle and also gave chase
  • The person mounted a horse and seemed like he was going to get away when Elric prodded Perceval to call for him
  • Perceval yelled “ARRRRRRRRRTHUR”, the person stopped, turned around, paused, and yelled back, “Where you got your scar, Perceval!”
  • As he sped away, he was joined by 7 other riders; all dressed in heavy armor. The chosen did not give chase
  • King Gogfran agreed to personally accompany his troops to Hantonne with his wife. As an emissary, he is sending in advance with the Chosen his daughter, Gwyyyynevere, a half-elf.


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