Dark Earth


A mother's love; A rival's return

  • While Gwen, Lucifer, Kel-Mega and Stark where away attending to various things Lancelot and the Chosen that were left learned of 200 mounted soldiers of Claudas 4 days away. This is when them and various other English Chosen were called upon by Vivienne
  • Darwin saw a piece of a vision that others had not seen. If Darwin chooses to share it, that’s up to him
  • The Chosen shared (most) of their knowledge of events thus far with each other, including:
    • Claudas rules with an iron fist
    • Queen Ann is his major threat
    • There have many instances of sabotage recently against locations important to Claudas. They have been marked with the sign of a dragon against a rising sun
    • Some Chosen shared stories of distant lands that they’ve visited, with little luck in finding anything that would help England (yet)
  • When Vivienne was asked about Arthur and the “wish” that she referenced in regards to how he is the key to liberating England, she sent the Chosen on a vision quest of the past. Information gathered:
    • The Chosen were put into the bodies of 6 humans, who were accusing another group of 2 tieflings, 2 aasimar and 2 humans of treacherous acts (no details revealed)
    • A fight quickly ensued, during which they heard the name Valaria as the new Queen coming from a booming voice from outside
    • After the fight, the witnessed the new (pregnant) Queen walking in their direction. Their occupied bodies informing someone close to her of the events
    • They departed their bodies and followed Valaria into a temple whose alter was very similar to that of The One.
    • She prayed for some time, as if she were in a deep trance. She walked away with tears in her eyes, with her hands on her belly as if holding her unborn child
    • Time sped up to a room of what seemed like Roman architecture, Valaria surrounded by several others, including the white haired man who was Megareus’ side shortly after his assassination, and what seemed to be Valaria’s twin, except with dark hair. Now the resemblance was clear; it was Althamea Hadrianus
    • One person asked Valaria, “Do you feel her?” Her response, “Nothing”.
    • They leave and she is questioned by the white-haired man. She lied; he knows; she claims she’s safe
    • Time moves forward again; Valaria is giving birth in a place that is reminiscent of old English architecture. She is with her sister, Althamea and several house maids. She gives birth to a boy, Marsalos. Upon first holding him, she sings to him and wishes upon her child the protection, guidance, wisdom of all who came before him for he and all who come after him; so that he may be the key to “lift the veil …”
    • Generation after generation you follow the lives the girls and boys that are the descendants of that day. Eventually joining with another line that some of the Chosen had already seen, that which leads to the time of the coronation of Uther.
    • They witness a young lady, a dragon, the man, their love, their passion, the Conception. This beautiful soul and body, the mother. The father, Uther Pendragon, transforms before them into a silver dragon, marked on the chest with the pentagram some had seen before. Away it flew, and they followed the childhood of Arthur
    • They saw him as an active youth; swift, cunning, athletic. They saw him as a squire of Claudas. His treatment, harsh. But Arthur never faltered. They saw the day he lost Claudas’ sword, his panic to find another, the running by the stone, it calling to him. He withdraws it. When he does, reality snaps back
  • The Chosen spend the next several days gathering information, debating tactics, preparing the Hantonne Keep and sending an advanced party to meet with the incoming troops.
  • They learn that they are led by Sir Bors; Lancelot’s former challenger the day he was to earn his knighthood
  • They agree to a 6 on 6 battle. Bors sees them as children
  • They kick Bors’ arse, and he yields to Lancelot. Half of his men fleeing and abandoning the battle. The rest pledge their fealty to Hantonne Keep and the noble House du Lac
  • Hantonne Keep earns an additional 100 mounted soldiers .. all these new mouths to feed!!
  • It takes 2 months to get them settled, (INSERT DOWN TIME ACTIVITY HERE), and prepare the castle for winter. By the end of the mod and after the 2 months, it is November
  • Your spent DTD are preventing an all out winter famine. With current stocks, and the additional troops and animals, things are still very scarce though. English winters are rough. One wrong thing could tip the balance (NOT THAT IT WOULD EVER HAPPEN IN MY MOD MUAHAHAHAHA)
  • But the scarier part is what’s coming in the spring. Rumors of war are all over. People are saying the Claudas is coming to destroy their lands, and take their souls. Many take solace in Lancelot, Silversheen, and the rest of their new Lords, but they are all still very frightened. Their King is dead, and they pray for his son.
  • A flyer is brought to them from London. WANTED for 10,000 GP, DEAD OR ALIVE. A detailed drawing of Arthur. When Lancelot displays it in the Keep central square, as the NEW KING, it is stolen.
  • They find it was stolen by a boy. His name is PERCEVAL; Arthur’s 11 year old “best friend”. He viciously defends Arthur. With Lancelot’s blessing, Lamarrac squires Perceval.


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