The gods and spirits of all peoples are infinite, and have shepherded their civilizations to the heights of their power, checked only by the other great pantheons with whom they did not wish to war. From time immemorial, these gods have Chosen heroes from their followers to aid their people in times of need. We have known them by many names: Hercules, Beowulf, Bastet, Cu Chulainn, Guan Yu, Ramachandra, the Daughter of Heaven, and others.

After nearly half a century of peace since the last time the Chosen were called upon to save the world, things have changed. Alexandria, the Chosen City, has risen as a free city of embassies from peoples all around the world and the factions that have stood ready for the return of the Chosen. Some nations have grown and some have shrunk, borders have changed, and the world has done without the services of the gods’ Chosen heroes for several decades now.

Such relative peace and order could not last, however. Reports of oddities throughout the Waystone network from those who monitor it are the harbinger of troubles to come. The unmistakeable Chosen marks have begun appearing on mortal heroes. Chaotic weather has been striking the world over. What do the dark clouds and thunder portend?

Welcome to Dark Earth, a community of players & DMs of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons that meets every Sunday at N&N Adventuring Company in River Edge, NJ to bring to life a world based on real-world mythology and cultures, with their heroes (you!) banding together to fight different threats to the people of Earth..

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